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We have been working hard to re open our Farmers Markets over the last 10 months, we have got through one National Lockdown, have worked through the different requirements of the Governments Tier system and are now faced with another National Lockdown. Here’s an update on each farmers market:

Hall Place Bexley Farmers Market

We’re pleased to confirm that the Farmers Market at Hall Place Bexley reopened on Sunday 2nd August. Social distancing was in place along with a one way system onsite. The farmers market is open to the public between 10am and 2pm and can currently be found near The Courtyard Area alongside the Visitors Centre.

Update on Sunday 3rd January 2021 Hall Place Bexley Farmers Market:

As you are aware London Boroughs entered Tier 4 from midnight Sunday just gone with this due to be revised 30 December. The Visitors Centre, WCs etc., at Hall Place Bexley are now closed down again and we’ve been advised they will remain closed until further notice. Hall Place have assumed that things won’t change prior to the next farmers market date of the 3rd January and have taken advise and have informed us that due to national restrictions they will not be able to host the 3rd January 2021 farmers market.

We will advise on any further details about the Extra Saturday Farmers Market for 2021 if and when the information becomes available.

Lenham Country Market

We’re pleased to confirm that Lenham Country Market re opened in August after the first lockdown. Social distancing and hand sanitizing stations are now available. The Market is open to the public between 9am and 1pm and is found in Lenham Square.

We are pleased to confirm that following the recent Government announcement Lenham Country Market will take place on Sunday 14th February 2021

Chislehurst Farmers Market

We can confirm that Chislehurst Farmers Market was the first of our farmers markets we managed to reopen for the 19th July Market. A one way system is now in place at the farmers market along with social distancing measures and hand sanitizing station. Card payment for items is encourage along with ordering in advance to collect at the farmers market.

We are pleased to confirm that following the recent Government announcement the next Chislehurst Farmers Market is due to take place on Sunday 21st February 2021

West Malling Farmers Market

We are pleased to confirm that the funding to enable West Malling Farmers Market to reopen on Sunday 23rd August has now been received. A one way system is now in place around West Malling Farmers Market from the end of the market nearest to Kings Hill. Additional measures will be in place to help with social distancing, contactless card payment and hand sanitizing station offered too.


Sadly we have had to postpone the farmers market due to take place in West Malling this coming Sunday 24th January. It was a very difficult decision to make but came following requests by the Local Enforcement Officer to not encourage more visitors to West Malling High Street. 

COVID safety measures are in place within the farmers market with marshalls, one way system, restricting the number of people within the farmers market at any one time etc., and these have all been observed by local enforcement officer at previous farmers markets it is the increase in numbers of visitors to West Malling for the farmers market which is the Local Authorities concern.

A number of the cafes in West Malling are offering take away services and queues are regularly causing problems in the town. 

The situation will be reviewed in the coming weeks in discussion with the Parish Council and Local Authority.

We hope that you respect the difficult decision that we have had to make and we hope the farmers market returns soon. 

Dartford Farmers Market

We have delayed re opening Dartford Farmers Market due to some early issues with queues from shops in the High Street. We are liaising with Dartford Borough Council on the positioning of our stalls and the roadworks currently taking place in the town centre. Further details regarding the re opening of Dartford Farmers Market will be posted when they are available

We will continue to support the producers who are currently offering delivery services. Details of these will appear on the individual farmers market pages

Thank you for your understanding and thank you for your support

Take care and stay safe

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