My Farmers Market based in Kent produces jams, marmalades, chutneys and preserves made using locally produced ingredients wherever possible. They are sold at local Farmers Markets.

A wide range of jams, marmalades, jellies and chutneys are available. The range includes year round favourites and many ‘one off’  batches or ‘limited editions’ making use of seasonal ranges when locally grown fruit and vegetables are in abundance. All products are made in small batches.   Please note that our products are seasonal.

On the 13 December 2014 the Food Information Regulations 2014 came into force, meaning that we now provide information to our customers about the allergenic ingredients used in food we sell or provide, either prepacked or loose. On the list below  (A)  next to an item indicates there is an allergen ingredient in the product

We make the following jams and preserves:


Apricot Blackcurrant Gooseberry
Greengage Raspberry Strawberry
Victoria Plum Valor Plum Pear and Ginger
Rhubarb and Ginger Fig Damson
Cherry/Brandy Pineapple Peach
Cherry Banana Blackberry and Apple
Pear Rhubarb Blackcurrant/Rum
Ginger Loganberry Strawberry/Champagne
Apricot/Brandy Blackberry Black Forest


Fine Cut Thick Cut Orange and Ginger
Orange and Honey Lemon Lemon and Ginger
Orange and Whisky Orange and Brandy Orange Marmalade No Peel
Dark Orange  Spiced Orange  


Apple (A) Apple and Cranberry Apple and Chilli (A)
Apple and Ginger (A) Apricot and Ginger Beetroot (A)
Mr Bannerman Pickle  Tomato and Sweet Pepper Tomato and Chilli (A)
Old Dowerhouse Plum (A) Bursted Beer Plum Chutney (A) Picallili (A)
Mango Onion Marmalade Sweet Red Onion Marmalade


English Mustard Quince/Rose Petal Redcurrant and Port
Chilli Jam Lemon Curd Horseradish
Mint Jelly Paprika Mustard Leek Mustard

We can be contacted via: My Farmers Market Ltd.
Phone: 07775 736116
Email: contact@myfarmersmarket.co.uk