West Malling Farmers Market

ANNOUNCEMENT: West Malling Farmers Market Re Opened on Sunday 23 August 2020

We worked very hard between May and August 2020 to try and secure some funding to get West Malling Farmers Market up and running again abiding by the Government requirements. The costs are high spread over a possible 12 – 18 months based on the current social distancing requirements. We also supplied our health and safety risk assessment to the Borough Council for the farmers market to re open..

We’re pleased to confirm that the funding was agreed which meant that we could re – open West Malling Farmers Market in August 2020 – the first market took place on Sunday 23rd August 2020. We would like to thank West Malling Parish Council, Kent County Council Councillors and Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council for their help and support in enabling West Malling Farmers Market to re open.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the farmers market stallholders.

Next West Malling Farmers Market date: Sunday 28th August 2022

The next West Malling Farmers Market will be Sunday 28th August 2022 between 9.30 and 1.30. The farmers market now in its 21st year of running includes a great selection of food, drink and some craft stalls too. We currently still have some restrictions in place at the farmers market and most stallholders accept contactless card payments too

Here’s the list of the stallholders who are due to attend West Malling Farmers Market on Sunday 28th August 2022:

Arcade Fisheries – fresh fish

St Apple Hurst Roast – roasted coffee beans

V J Game and Sussex Smokers – game, venison and game sausages

Rapkyns – plants

Wattie Wicks – Candles and diffusers

Bohemian Treats – cookie based treats and apple strudel

Miss Dots – dog treats

Joanne Byrne – home and soft furnishings

Lou Lou Bella – soaps and lotions

Thomas Cookie – lots of cookies and brookies

The Proper Tea Co – loose blended teas and tea equipment

Cheese Passion (guest stall) – lots of cheeses

Boughton Alpaca – knitwear and other wool items and fleece for nesting birds

Brays Bees – local honey

My Farmers Market – jams, marmalades and chutneys

The Olive Man – olives, garlic, onions, baklava

Core Juice – cider and juice

Pebble Peeps (guest stall) – artwork made from pebbles

Naked and Ready – scotch eggs, pate and more

Collards – fresh fruit and vegetables

Precious Porkers – cooked food stall

Claires Charms Kent (guest stall) – hand made jewellery

Debras Cakes – cakes and more

Cuppa – hot drinks

Bexley Brewery – locally brewed beers

Cinnamon Girl – curries and bhajis

Bread on The Rise – artisan bread

Greenlake Woods – items from recycled materials

Splinters – wooden items

Knife Ninja – mobile sharpening service

NOTE: Some stallholders are missing the July Farmers Market due to holiday, illness and the weather being too warm for their product

Details updated: Sandra – Sunday 24 July 2022

We would like to encourage customers visiting the farmers market to follow these guidelines:

Please sanitise your hands at stations provided around the market

Keep your distance from others

Please do not touch the produce unless you intend purchasing it

We thank you for your support and patience during these difficult times. We would also like to thank the local Parish Council for their continued help and support with the farmers market.

If you would like an email reminder about West Malling Farmers Market please send an email to contact@myfarmersmarket.co.uk and in the subject title include Reminder: West Malling

West Malling farmers market is held on the fourth Sunday of every month  in the High Street, which is closed for the day, of this picturesque and historic market town.  The Farmers Market in West Malling has been operating since 2000, making it one of the longest running farmers markets in Kent and is very popular with local residents.

One of the busiest Farmers’ markets in Kent, it has over 40 stalls at the height of the season. You can buy all your local fresh produce, locally produced preservers, fruit juice, beer, bread, cakes and a lot more with plenty of free samples. There are a few local craft stalls and the emphasis of the Farmers Market is on quality local food. Most months there are other things going on, please check www.westmallingfarmersmarket.co.uk for details.  Each month a space is allocated to a local group to promote their activities.  Please contact the Market Organiser if you would like to book a space.

If you would like a reminder of the date sent directly to you from West Malling Farmers Market giving an update of what will be available at the farmers market that month simply visit the Farmers Market websitewww.westmallingfarmersmarket.co.uk and register for the monthly reminder service.

4th Sunday of the month
open to the public 9.30am to 1.30pm

West Malling High Street, Kent  ME19 6NE


* Sunday 23 January 

* Sunday 27 February

* Sunday 27 March

* Sunday 24 April 

* Sunday 22 May 

* Sunday 26 June  

* Sunday 24 July 

* Sunday 28 August

* Sunday 25 September 

* Sunday 23 October 

* Sunday 27 November 

* Sunday December 2022 date to be confirmed 

For further information on this Farmers Market take a look at: www.westmallingfarmersmarket.co.uk

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